Son of a Saint salutes "Spotlight Sponsors," partners that go above and beyond in support of our mission.

Advantage Capital
Advantage Capital is a venture capital firm, impact investor and small business lender, investing in companies across a diverse array of industries to help them succeed, create jobs and reinvigorate local communities and economies. The firm works with established and emerging businesses located in communities underserved by conventional sources of capital and equips them with necessary resources for their future development. Since 1992, the firm has invested more than $3.8 billion and helped support more than 65,000 jobs in Louisiana and across the country.
The firm is also an ardent supporter of Son of a Saint and continues to show its generosity and commitment to our organization's core mission and long-term growth. Over the past four years, Advantage Capital has sustained an annual level of giving to help bolster Son of a Saint's education programming, operating budget and achievement of its overall goals. In total, Advantage Capital has contributed more than $120,000, in addition to other human capital resources. The partnership includes various facets of ongoing engagement, including Advantage Capital's staff involvement in activities to support the vision and multidimensional model of Son of a Saint.
In 2020, Advantage Capital's Managing Director Michael Johnson and his wife Alicia took their commitment of support and partnership one step further, by generously pledging $100,000 in support of Son of a Saint's "A Home For Our Boys" Capital Campaign. The fundraising initiative will help construct and revitalize Son of a Saint's expertly envisioned headquarters facility, scheduled for completion in early 2022. The contribution marked a leading gift of support for our bold future at a critical time.
"At Advantage Capital, we have chosen to be very direct in how we give back to our communities, focused on investing, mentoring and fostering growth in the youth of today," says Johnson. "These same young people will become the entrepreneurs and workers of tomorrow—those very individuals we work with every day to help positively impact communities. Alicia and I care deeply about Son of a Saint’s mission and are honored to support this organization."
As the partner relationship continues, Son of a Saint and Advantage Capital will explore further ways to work together. Key initiatives and activities include internships or job-shadowing opportunities for Son of a Saint mentees, welcoming program participants to its local office for business tours and educational opportunities, and continued sponsorship and involvement in mentor and volunteer recruitment events.
Son of a Saint thanks Advantage Capital and its leadership team members for the continued partnership and generosity.
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